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The Leukaemia Project Foundation was formed out of a need, the need to give back to ensure that leukaemia patients do not have to face the bleak outcomes that are typical of the under-resourced treatment facilities in Ghana and West Africa as a whole.


Our Vision is to build a state of the art Transplant Unit, which will include facilities such as:

  • Laboratories – routine, special and tissue-typing
  • Wards – general and bone marrow transplant
  • Outpatient department
  • Bone marrow registry
  • Educational wing


Our Mission is to improve the care of patients with haematological cancers

Based on the realization that Leukaemia and other haematological neoplasm have attained serious proportions in Ghana and convinced that, we can in our individual and institutional capacities collectively contribute positively to halting this challenging and tragic malignancy, the

Leukaemia Project Foundation has - as a private initiative - committed itself to mobilizing resources to help in the education for the prevention as well as the care and cure of Ghanaians living with leukaemia, lymphoma and related blood disorders

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From a single donation, to volunteering, to getting your business involved, to hosting your own fundraising event.

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What is blood? :
Blood, can be described as the transportation system for the body, moving substances from one part to the other.

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