Who We Are /History


The Leukaemia Project Foundation was formed out of a need, the need to give back to ensure that leukaemia patients do not have to face the bleak outcomes that are typical of the under-resourced treatment facilities in Ghana and West Africa as a whole.

The foundation was thus formed in 2008 by a leukaemia survivor and 2 doctors at the KorleBu Teaching Hospital in Ghana who were concerned about the survival rate of patients with leukaemia and other blood related diseases and in February 2011 merged with another foundation The Keith Agyepong Leukaemia Trust to put resources together and meet the same goals.

The foundation was set up to give a chance to people living with blood cancers as well as haematological diseases such as sickle cell disease to receive comprehensive treatment locally at a cost much lower than what is currently being offered in centers in UK, USA or South Africa. Patients currently receiving treatment for blood cancers in Ghana are limited to the treatment available which in a significant number of cases is not comprehensive with resultant low survival rate. It is time to change the outlook of blood diseases in Ghana and the sub-region.