Who We Are /How we are Funded

How we are Funded

We generate our own funds through hard work, initiative and dedicated supporters like you.
We rely on financial support from individuals and organizations; in view of this we have created THE LEUKAEMIA FUND .
The creation of the Leukaemia fund (otherwise known as 'The Fund') is one of the principal activities of the Leukaemia Project Foundation.
The Fund is sourced from the following:

  • Levies, dues and donations from LF Patrons and Partners.
  • General contributions from the Ghanaian populace.
  • Contributions from corporate entities
  • Grants and donations from local and international institutions, organizations as well as individuals in Ghana and abroad.
  • Returns from social, cultural and sporting programmes
  • Direct sponsorship activity
  • Returns from merchandising activity

The target for the initial 4-year resource mobilisation programme is $20 Million