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Real Stories

We don’t have to tell you about our life saving work. Our supporters and the people they’ve selflessly helped can do that for us. They can tell you how their lives have changed, in their own words. Everyone’s experience is different when living with these diseases... some turn to their loved ones for support, others just want to be alone to come to terms with the news in their own way. Read the stories of others who are living withleukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma, or a related blood disorder.


Would you like to share your story? Why not tell us, and your story can appear here. Our stories include those from our donors, those who are desperately waiting for a bone marrow transplant (patients), those who’ve already received one (recipients), our staff and our fundraisers. The Leukaemia Project Foundation Ghana is most grateful to the patients and their caregivers who contributed their time and stories to make this a reality.


Their positive attitude, honesty, humour and passion about helping other patients has inspired, enriched and humbled us all.


PATIENTS: Vida Bonaldi, Dianah Pronk , Joyce Atoquayefio, Victor Ayirebi-Acquah